There are four ways of paying:
  •   By credit card

The credit card facility is WorldPay, part of the Royal Bank of Scotland and is completely secure. When you have submitted your details, our  Accounts department will send you a payment link. You will get a transaction receipt from WorldPay as proof of payment.

  • By Paypal (you don't have to have a Paypal account to use this secure method)

Click on this button to pay 20 euros for a normal advert or Short Ad

Click on this button to pay 200 euros for a Static Ad or two Top Trade ads
Click on this button to pay 100 euros for a Top Trade ad

  • By telephone

You can phone through your credit card payment to our Accounts Dept. Please email for details

  • By cheque

Please post your cheque enclosing a note identifying yourself with your name, and Siret number.

Please make sterling cheques payable to: Natalie Hermer