Renewable energy
Drylining & Plastering
Plumbing & Heating
Carpentry & Joinery

Recently introduced in the Couserans, we offer our customers a wealth of experience in carrying out all types of building and renovation projects.

Major works, electrical, plumbing and heating, roofing, carpentry, all second fix works including traditional plastering, septic tank installation

We also offer advice and installation of renewable energy products. For example, Solar power for hot water as well as heating. Photovoltaic for electricity production. Wood and granular fired stoves and boilers for alternative heating solutions.

We can provide assistance with planning applications through our partnership with local architects.

We are Qualigas as well as Qualisol qualified and provide a ten year decennale insurance guarantee with all our work.

If you have a project and you want advice and are looking for a experienced, English speaking and qualified building team to undertake it, please contact us for further information.

09190 St.Lizier

 TEL: 08 79 55 91 26 / FAX: 05 61 04 65 87


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