English electrician (trained in France) available to explain and translate your requirements. Feel free to contact me if you are buying a new home in Finistère and you need a translation of the electrical installation diagnostic (Building survey)
  • Electrical work - Replacing/Updating fusebox, Rewiring, Adding/removing sockets, lights etc, Resolving electrical problems, Telephone/internet & TV cabling, Verification of existing installations
  • Plasterboarding - Mounting new walls/separations, insulation (plasterboard + polystyrene), suspended ceilings
  • Plastering - Reparing cracked walls and ceilings, Replastering (skimming) damaged walls & ceilings
  • Painting - Preparation (removing wall paper if necessary), Replastering (skimming), Laying fibreglass wall paper (toile de verre)

Autoentrepreneur = No VAT added to your bills. Free Quotes

Fully insured and guaranteed (electricity insured for 10 years!)

French registered company - Siret No. 50269690900014

Telephone number - 07 70 08 17 56

Email - contact@gridlec.fr