Services for secondary residence owners from abroad

Looking after your house while you are away…..


Coordinating and supervising for you any restoration or renovation work you are undertaking: finding masons, carpenters, plumbers, electricians or other craftsmen, translating estimates from French into English, making sure that the work carried out by tradesmen is co-ordinated, supervising and controlling quality, providing you with regular progress reports by mail, email, fax or phone.


Assistance with French administrations and procedures.



Preparing the house for your arrival: opening windows to let fresh air in, starting the heating system or air conditioning, opening up your swimming pool, making sure your car is ready, filling the refrigerator with what you need for your arrival, etc


Property maintenance: small repairs, housecleaning, garden, etc …


CATALIST: We’ll make it happen for you!

 Coordination of all your projects
      Abroad you are, here I am!
            Totally trustworthy and reliable
                 A-LIST Highest standards


Catalyst: an agent that facilitates and even accelerates a process through its intervention. In chemistry, catalysts perform transformations, where the process would not run, run very slow, or would not run in a specific manner without the presence of the catalyst.