Ets Gaillard
Z.I. des Saligues
64300 ORTHEZ
(Pyrenees Atlantiques)

Tel/Fax 05 59 67 17 81

We are an Anglo-French company who specialise in the renovation and finishing of furniture. We can make old furniture look like new, or new furniture look like old. We can match exact colours and do any sort of finishing on wood, including plywood, and MDF. If you have old furniture which needs a new touch, or new furniture you want to match to old, we are THE specialists. We all speak fluent English and French. We also undertake painting and decorating work from time to time exclusively for English customers who seek an English style and quality of finishing. Our web site is under construction and should be available by the end of March DV & WP!

Siret : 31021393900013