Q1. What do I need to send to be on Artisan Anglais?
We ask you to read the Terms and Conditions and then send us the details on the advertising submission form. If you are based in the UK and only have a UK number, you need to provide that and also be aware that if you are based here in France, the UK number may not be sufficient and if you are based in England but most of your work is here in France, then it's possible that you aren't working legally here, in which case we may be unable to accept your advert. If you are in the process of registering in France, please tell us which office and if the Siret number is 'en cours', we will put that on the site.

Q2. How do I send you a graphic or photo?
Firstly, please do not embed photos or graphics in your documents. Please send us your photos or logo by Email or if you already have an advert and want to change your graphics or add a photo, make sure it is a gif or jpeg if possible and we will compress it if needed. If the graphic is already on your computer, attach it to an Email. To do this, identify where the image is - downloaded pictures normally save to My Pictures in the My Documents folder on your computer. In the new Email, select Insert or Attach from the toolbar at the top of the screen, select File and wait for the Insert File box to appear. Scroll through the directories until you find the photo, changing directories to get to it. Click on the graphic or photo, select Insert and it will automatically attach itself to the Email. Make sure you tell us which advert the graphic is for - your name, area and trade will be sufficient.

Q3. What if I want to make changes to my advert?
All changes and additions are free of charge, just send the information and graphics by email, telling us your name, trade and department

Q4. I'm not registered but would like to go on your site to be found by customers
If you are not registered and have no intention of registering, we cannot accept your advert on either Artisan Anglais or Artisan Anglais. Customers need to know that you are working legally, not just for the quality of work, the insurance issue and the lower rate of TVA, but because it is a serious offence in France to be working 'on the black' and the artisan working illegally AND the customer are punished for it. The new regulations introduced in January 2004 also mean that customers cannot claim for the cost of your work against Capital Gains Tax if you are not registered. We always check Siret numbers and refuse anyone who isn't legally registered unless they are in the process of registering and can show us temporary documentation.

Q5. What if I don't have a credit card or don't want to use one?
Just submit your advert in the usual way and when you have submitted it, you will be directed to the Artisan Anglais Paypal payment page.

Q6. Whatever I do, I can't get the advertising page to work - either I can't see it or it won't work. How am I going to get my advert onto the website?
There have been quite a few problems with the FireFox browser and some other older browsers. If you experience this, you can submit your details manually by clicking
HERE  However, if you are on a dial-up modem, you may need to give the page time to load.

Q7. How do I contact you?
All our contact phone numbers, emails and address

Q8. OK, so I have decided to register at the Chambres de Metiers - how do I do it?
Your first step is to find out where your Chambres de Metiers is. There is a list on this website - click
here to access the page. They will guide you through the process.

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