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"We have advertised with Artisan Anglais for four years, with very good success. Our other methods of advertising have proved expensive and lack the results that AA provide. We will definitely continue to renew our subscription." Graham Medhurst, La Providence Property Renovations


"I have found Artisan Anglais to be an efficient and effective company who have provided us with a solid, affordable advertising base from which to promote our company for the last 2 years. The staff are friendly and approachable and respond quickly to any queries. I would not hesitate to recommend Artisan Anglais to any company wishing to advertise within France." Stewart Scobie of SARL Dordogne Renovation.

"Having been here for three years, working full time, I didn't think there was a great need to advertise. That all changed when suddenly a client pulled a substantial job without notice and only a week before we were due to start. Someone suggested Artisan Anglais, I placed my advert, within days I had a steady stream of potential new work. Artisan Anglais, a comprehensive list of registered trades in your area, that you can tap into knowing they are registered and insured." Nick Clark, NC Renovation

"Just a short message to say well done and thank you for all the business we have gained via your website for the past few years. It just goes to show that there are reputable "Entreprise" out there on the internet that can actually supply the business that they claim to be able to do. We receive hundreds of telesales calls a year from internet sites seeking our advertising business, but for us, as a French registered entreprise, as far as we are concerned, long may you reign! Advertising money well spent!" Keith Lacey, Normandy B & B

"We have been registered with Artisan Anglais for nearly 3 years and in that time we have been extremely pleased with the amount of response we get from people wanting work done. Artisan Anglais is the only company we are happy to pay for as their registration costs are not only affordable to artisans starting out over here but also give value for money to people like us who want to be registered with a respected well-used website but don෡nt to pay through the nose for it! We recommend Artisan Anglais to any new artisans we meet but we also recommend it to property owners looking for artisans to do work on their property." Terry & Anna Leigh, T.L.Building Services

"Artisan Anglais is a very good and dedicated site that provides a superb service to both registered artisans and client in need of a large aspect of work. We get around 10% of our yearly enquiries from this site and I confidently recommend it to anybody I come into contact with. Thank you Artisan Anglais for your continued help and support." Mark Pegg, DeVille Property Services

"We are very satisfied with Artisan Anglais! A lot of customers already found us with your site!" Ronald Root, EnGuarde